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The mission of the Indiana Industrial Operators Association, Inc. (IIOA), founded in 1995 is to serve professionals in wastewater

treatment, which benefits industry and society

through education, information, community

outreach and social involvement.

Membership is open to all wastewater professionals and

those who provide services, supplies, equipment and support to the industry.

Upcoming Events
April 2-4, 2019  WITtec  IIOA-IWEA
Where Water Quality Protectors Meet at
WYNDHAM Indianapolis West Conference Center
2544 Executive Drive

Indianapolis, IN

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Registered Industrial Wastewater 

Industrial Environmental Management 

Registered Industrial Wastewater 

Registered Industrial Wastewater 

Wastewater Safety 

  1. The  Wastewater Operations and Safety Course offers a classroom experience where students may earn an OSHA 10-Hour General Industry card during this 2-day course.  OSHA Authorized Outreach trainers  lead the course.  Topics include: Introduction to OSHA, Personal Protective Equipment, Exit, Emergency Response to Spills of Hazardous Materials, Walking and Working Surfaces, Lockout Tagout Control of Hazardous Energy relating to wastewater, Confined Space relating to wastewater, Hazard Communication GHS relating to wastewater, Industrial Hygiene and related topics.   This course also addresses the requirements of GHS and implementation of the program.  “Get it all”  OSHA 10-hour general industry card, wastewater contact hours, Start up and Shut down of wastewater operations RCRA Annual Training  included to satisfy Hazardous Waste Management training requirements and a DOT Training to properly manage and manifest hazardous waste from wastewater treatment.
    The IIOA Mentored Wastewater Exam course is a preparatory course designed to help students pass Indiana wastewater licensing exams. Classes cover Class A, B, C, D and Class I, II, III, IV and the individual will select the course of study for the desired exam.
  3. The RIWPhD Credential Course  affords an overview of the advanced principles of wastewater  treatment. Topics covered include:  Introduction, Data Gathering, System Design and Installation, Process Instrumentation, Biological Treatment, Math and Chemistry, Permits, QC Program and Troubleshooting Operations.  The Registered Industrial Wastewater PhD level course is open to all. Those who pass the certification exam and have the required experience are awarded the credential.    At the end of the course an optional 2-hour certification exam is offered.    
  4. The IEM course offers the opportunity to earn a new credential in this basic course that covers aspects of wastewater treatment and pollution prevention.  Course topics include: Introduction to Regulations, EPCRA,  Inspections, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Collection Systems, Water Quality, Toxicology, Hydrology and Stormwater, Hazardous Waste, and an IEM certification exam.  In the future an advanced course will be offered.
    The RIWP Masters course covers Treatment of Metal Wastestreams –Metal Hydroxide Precipitation, Cyanide Oxidation, Chromium Reduction; Using Dissolved Air Flotation to Remove FOG –Removal of emulsified dissolved dispersed fats oils and grease.  Process description, chemistry involved, polymer application and troubleshooting; Discharge Monitoring Report Preparation, Instrument Calibration – pH ORP, Flow Meters and trouble shooting pH/ORP control systems, Surviving a Pretreatment Inspection, Advanced Polishing Processes including ion exchange, reverse osmosis, membrane filtration and carbon adsorption and the RIWP Master Exam.
  6.   The RIWP course was designed to allow wastewater professionals from all disciplined whether licensed or not to earn a credential in this area.  The course covers Physical and Chemical Processes, Safety, Rules and Regulations, Laboratory and Chemistry, Instrumentation, Flow Measurement and Maintenance.

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